Arigo Chemical Pvt Ltd :

Manufacturer of high quality technical grade insecticides and other chemicals that aids the cultivator to attain the optimum farm yields. We  ensure safe disposal of waste, ensuring no harm to mother earth and human race.We follow each and every step in strict compliance with the environmental norms and never try to curb them for earning maximum profit.Insecticides are used to kill insects including the immediate action against eggs and larvae also. The insecticides we offer are claimed to be a major factor in increasing the agricultural productivity and have seamless applications in different industries also.

Our Mission
To promote improvement or innovation in technologies of pesticides formulation and quality controlTo Provide Environmental Protection Awareness

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide affordable off-patented & generic crop protection products to Indian farmers and to promote the awareness of responsible use of pesticides.

Our Values
Believing that success lies in the success of existing and potential customers. On this foundation, doing all possible to understand, fulfil and exceed customers’ stated and unstated needs.